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Faculty of Veterinary Science

Prof NPJ Kriek, Dean

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Preface by the Dean

The Faculty of Veterinary Science completed the process of amalgamation between the previous faculties of veterinary science of MEDUNSA and the University of Pretoria at the end of 2003. This process allowed a critical appraisal of policies dealing with research within the Faculty as well as related postgraduate programmes. Against this background the Faculty formulated a strategic document outlining a plan to stimulate both endeavours. This lead to the development of a more streamlined research administration, and the development of research focal areas: wildlife health and production; veterinary problems of developing communities; economically important diseases of livestock in the sub-Saharan region; veterinary public health and environmental safety; and important conditions of companion animals in the sub-Saharan region.

To enhance the process and add to the capacity of the Faculty in the various fields, it established an active network involving researchers and students from African, European, and American Universities. We have seen an increase in the volume and quality of students in the various disciplines in the Faculty as well as an increase in the level of science dealt with. The progress is also reflected in the success with obtaining BIOPAD funding for three research proposals. Against this background, the Faculty is looking towards the future with expectation and the intention of becoming fully competitive internationally particularly in the fields of veterinary tropical diseases and veterinary wildlife for which it is optimally positioned to address the needs of the country and the subregion.

Prof N J Kriek


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