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Faculty of Law
Department of Public Law

Carstens, PA

BLC LLB LLD(Pret) - Associate Professor

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Contact Details:

Telephone number: 012 420 4067
Fax number: 012 420 2991
E-mail address:

Research Interests:

Medical Law

Media Law

Criminal Law

Research Output:

Research articles in refereed specialist journals:

Carstens PA: 2002. S v Rautenbach 2001 1 SACR 521 (SCA) : Sexual offences - what constitutes immoral or indecent acts with boys in contravention of the Sexual Offences Act 23 of 1957 - assesment of the boni mores in criminal law. De Jure, 35 (1), pp 163-168.

Carstens PA: 2002. Reuters Group PLC v Viljoen 2001 (12) BCLR 1265 ( C ) : Foundational values of the Constitution on accountability - review of action taken by prosecuting authorities to obtain evidence sought by them for purposes of a criminal prosecution - assessment of. De Jure, 35 (2), pp 348-354.

Carstens PA: 2002. Deterring Crime: Can it be done? Some Legal Reflections. ISSUP Bulletin, 5, pp 1-10.

Carstens PA: 2002. Setting of boundaries for expert evidence in support or defence of medical negligence - Michael v Linksfield Park clinic (Pty) Ltd 2001 3 SA 1188 (SCA). Journal of Contemporary Roman-Dutch Law, 65 (3), pp 430-436.

Carstens PA: 2002. Paraphilia in South African Criminal Case Law. South African Law Journal, 119 (3), pp 603-622.

Carstens PA: 2002. Die aanspreeklikheid van die narkotiseur op grond van nalatigheid. Stellenbosch Law Review / Regstydskrif, 13 (1), pp 98-108.


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