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Faculty of Law
Department of Public Law

Olivier, ME

BLC LLB LLM BA(Hons)(Pret) MA(RAU) LLD (Unisa) - Senior Lecturer

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Contact Details:

Telephone number: 012 420 4055
Fax number: 012 420 2991
E-mail address:

Research Interests:

International law

International Insolvency Law

International Law

Environmental Law

Research Output:

Research articles in refereed specialist journals:

Olivier ME: 2002. The relevance of 'soft law' as a source of international human rights. Comparative and International Law Journal of SA, XXXV / Nov, pp 289-307.

Rakate P, Olivier ME: 2002. The fifty-third session of the United Nations International Law Commission and its relevance for Africa. SA Publiekreg/SA Public Law, 17 (2) / Nov, pp 295-306.

Olivier ME: 2002. Enforcement of International Environmental Law. South African Journal of Environmental Law and Policy, 9, pp 12-24.

Olivier ME: 2002. Exploring the doctrine of self-execution as enforcement mechanism of international obligations. South African Yearbook of International Law, 27, pp 99-119.


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