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Faculty of Veterinary Science
Department of Veterinary Tropical Diseases

Venter, EH

MSc PhD(Pret) - Associate Professor

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Contact Details:

Telephone number: 012 529 8227
Fax number: 012 529 8312
E-mail address:

Research Interests:

Important conditions of companion animals in the sub-Saharan region

Wildlife health and production

Economically important diseases of livestock in the sub-Saharan region

Research Output:

Research articles in refereed specialist journals:

Venter EH, van Vuuren M, Carstens J, Van der Walt ML, Nieuwoudt B, Steyn H, Kriek NPJ: 2003. A molecular epidemiologic investigation ofSalmonella from a meat source to the feces of captive cheetah(Acinonyx jabatus). Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, 34 (1), pp 76-81.

Sangare O, Bastos AD, Venter EH, Vosloo W: 2003. Retrospective genetic analysis of SAT-1 type foot-and-mouth disease outbreaks in West Africa (1975-1981). Veterinary Microbiology, 93, pp 279-289.


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