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Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences
School of Agricultural and Food Sciences
Department of Food Science

Taylor, JRN

PhD(CNAA) DSc(Pret) Post Grad Cert Educ(Nottingham) - Professor

NRF Rating: B2

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Research Interests

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Contact Details:

Telephone number: 012 420 4296
Fax number: 012 420 2839
E-mail address:

Research Interests:

The influence of cooking processes on the ultrastructural components of plant seeds

Grain quality

Natural shelf-life extension of food

Research Output:

Research articles in refereed specialist journals:

da Silva LS, Taylor JRN: 2004. Sorghum bran as a potential source of Kafirin. Cereal Chemistry, 81 (3), pp 322-327.

Yetneberk S, de Kock HL, Rooney LW, Taylor JRN: 2004. Effects of sorghum cultivar on injera quality. Cereal Chemistry, 81 (3), pp 314-321.

Emmambux MN, Stading M, Taylor JRN: 2004. Sorghum kafirin film property modification with hydrolysable and condensed tannins. Journal of Cereal Science, 40, pp 127-135.

Pelembe LAM, Dewar J, Taylor JRN: 2004. Effect of germination moisture and time on pearl millet malt quality - with respect to its opaque and lager beer brewing potential. Journal of the Institute of Brewing, 110 (4), pp 320-325.

Rombo GO, Taylor JRN, Minnaar A: 2004. Irradiation of maize and bean flours: Effects on starch physicochemical properties. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 84, pp 350-356.

Erasmus C, Taylor JRN: 2004. Optimising the determination of maize endosperm vitreousness by a rapid non-destructive image analysis technique. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 84, pp 920-930.

Belton PS, Taylor JRN: 2004. Sorghum and millets: protein sources for Africa. Trends in Food Science & Technology, 15, pp 94-98.


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